Pretz Tokyo Monjya Flavor プリッツ 東京もんじゃ焼き

Have you ever heard Monjya?

Monjya (もんじゃ焼) is a Tokyo-local cuisine that includes a mixture of water and flour with other condiments, such as meat or seafood! The mixture is spread on a big pan and eaten with a tiny spatula that is made specifically for monjya.

Wonder what it tastes like?
Well, we have a monjya flavoured Pretz included in our TOKYO Prefectural box!

The Pretz accurately reproduces the monjya flavor so we wanted you to experience a bit of Tokyo's soul food (in the form of Pretz) at your comfortable homes. It is larger than a regular Pretz as well! 

We still recommend trying the real one though!

They are both very tasty and we are sure that it will satisfy your munchiez

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