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Tokyo Milk Pie 東京 ミルクパイ

We bought this snack at the epicenter of transportation; the one and only Tokyo station! The wrapping has the famous infrastructure of Tokyo station on it!The snack itself is made of pie crust!It's crunchiness and addictive sweetness had us craving for more!

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Ginza Mochi Soy Sauce Flavor 銀座餅 醤油味

This is one of our favorite rice cracker made by deeply frying rice. They use their signature soy sauce flavor which makes it very tasty! This rice cracker is so famous in Tokyo that it has also won the honorary award that represents one of the snacks for the Olympic in Japan! How cool is that?

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Tokyo Black Thunder 東京ブラックサンダー

Tokyo Black Thunder is not just a regular Japanese chocolate bar with rice puffs in it; it is a collaboration between black thunder and Tokyo's famous "Kaminari-Okoshi".It is made by mixing peanuts, arare (Japanese mochi rice snack), and chocolate cookies together with brown sugar!

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