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Hi-Chew Mango Flavor

Hi-Chew is a chewy candy with a variety of different flavors! It is a popular candy for all ages. This time, we chose mango flavor to put in our subscription box as it is a limited edition flavor only available in Okinawa!

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Chinsuko Yuki-shio Flavor 雪塩ちんすこう

Chinsuko is a traditional biscuit made in Okinawa! It is flavored with ‘Yukishio’ (雪塩), which can only be extracted from the clear ocean of Miyako-jima. The flavorful harmony that is created by the sweetness of the biscuit and hint of saltiness from the Yukishio will make you crave for more.

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Kit Kat Beni-imo Flavor

Do you love sweet potatoes? Well, we have the perfect Kit Kat for you!Beni-imo is sweet potato in Japanese and this Kit Kat is flavored with Okinawa’s very own purple sweet potato tart.

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